FREECAST S04E01: The Armistice Echo Episode

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On this episode of The Freecast, Cord returns, Veterans Day celebration dilutes the holiday’s original intent, a homeless Rambo man is peacefully apprehended, and NH’s aging workforce is causing an employee shortage.


Events – Cord

  • Freecoast Liberty Outreach Meetup (Just announce this week’s)
    • Dover – 1st Thursday
    • Exeter – 2nd Thursday
    • Hampton – 3rd Thursday – In Seabrook at Casa Tequila
    • Rochester – 4th Thursday normally
    • Wild Card! – 5th Thursday Rochester this time
  • Liberty Forum

Election Recap

NH History

  • Wolfeboro. America’s oldest summer resort
    • Granted to 4 men from Portsmouth by Governor Benning Wentworth in 1759
    • Named after General James Wolfe who was victorious in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in the French and Indian War which lasted 15 minutes and he died from three gunshot wounds. The battle turned the tide in the war. (Also 1759)
    • Benning’s nephew John Wentworth became governor as well later on and established an estate in Wolfeboro called Kingswood next to what is now Lake Wentworth.
    • During the 19th century the only way to get to Wolfeboro was via the road, i.e. stagecoach or horse.
    • In 1872 a railroad was opened that branched off from “Sanborn’s Station” in Wakefield from the Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad.
    • The railroad caused tourism to explode. What was a small village became one of the biggest tourist destinations.
    • The rail line ended right at Lake Winnipesaukee where you could board the steamship Mt. Washington owned by another railroad. The Boston & Maine railroad.
    • The Mt Washington still runs and stops in Wolfeboro, Meredith, Weir’s Beach and Alton.


Book Recommendations with Cord

  • “Thanks A Thousand”
  • “Them”


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