Anarchitecture Groks The Freecoast!

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Quick post to applaud Tim Brochu of Anarchitecture for his latest podcast episode. It contains the live recording of his excellent Freecoast Festival talk – but I also very much enjoyed the post-talk discussion with his brother Joe.

Tim really groks what we’re doing here on The Freecoast. (If you don’t know that word, the internet will surely help you out!) Since he is a relatively new addition to the Freecoast community, I’m amazed how quickly he has understood what is so different and fulfilling about our approach to liberty.

Anyway, go listen:

Anarchitecture Episode 20: The Power of Place-Based Community | Tim’s Freecoast 2018 Speech

If you don’t have a podcatcher (podcast player) yet, get one for this in particular. But also because podcasting is where ideas are being exchanged in 2018 and you’re missing all the fun! Yes, you can listen to the episode at the link above – but really, try podcasts!