What is The Freecoast?

The Freecoast is the community of people who value liberty and personal responsibility and have gathered on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Freecoasters come from all walks of life – some grew up here and others moved across America to be here! But we all share a common goal of fostering the ideals of liberty. Want more information? Email info@freecoast.org.

What is the Praxeum?

In 2014, a group of Freecoasters founded a new community center in Portsmouth. The Praxeum was a place to practice our principles: entrepreneurship, self-directed education, creative collaboration. The experiment was a success, the community contributed enough funds to purchase a property in Dover, and the current Praxeum was born. For us, it is a “third place” – neither home nor office, but another space for people to congregate and cooperate. Everyone from homeschoolers to coworkers to athletes to artists gather at the Praxeum to learn, play, and grow together. Holiday celebrations, community markets, charity drives, educational seminars, and other events are held here. We continue to pour our efforts into improving the Praxeum’s utility and value to our community.

What is the Freecoast Liberty Fellowship?

The Freecoast Liberty Fellowship is a core group of Freecoasters who cooperatively support and cultivate the community. With their financial investment and active engagement, Fellows ensure the future of the Praxeum and our many community programs. To learn more about the Fellowship and get involved, come to an event!

How Can I Support Your Mission?

The Human Action Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization which is dedicated to providing events, services, and infrastructure to our community and others like it. If you appreciate our work, please consider donating to the Human Action Foundation.