FREECAST S04E02: The Fishy Scooter Ordinance

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On this episode of The Freecast, fish, and game looks to increase their budget, a former police commissioner is indicted in a shooting case, Manchester police are looking into body cameras, and Keene gets a name.



NH History

    • Early History Keene
      • Granted a township in 1732 by Massachusetts Governor Jonathan Belcher
        • Originally named Upper Ashuelot
      • In 1741 NH and Massachusetts settled their boundary dispute and the town was north of the new line
        • It was a miniature republic, setting its own laws and managed its own political affairs without higher influence.
        • Upper Ashuelot took no part in provincial affairs for 27 years. Most of the Connecticut River valley wasn’t at the general assembly.
      • The first interaction the town had with the province, as it was then, was for the refusal to pay taxes for the support of the minister
        • From the provincial records 1742: “I am therefore by his Excellency’s Command to inform the respective Inhabitants, that it will be very agreeable to the Governor that you & each of you, who have been delinquent on that occasion, do forthwith comply with your obligations in regard to the payment of your Ministers, as a contrary behavior will incur his Excellency’s displeasure.”
      • In 1747 during King George’s war, part of the French and Indian wars, indigenous Americans attacked the village and burnt it down.
      • People started resettling there as early as 1749 but due to the whole boundary issue before Governor Benning Wentworth regranted the town after a petition was gathered.
        • “Claiming the right to name the town, the governor named it Keene. In his business as a merchant at Portsmouth, previous to his appointment as governor, Mr. Wentworth had contracted with an agent of the court of Spain to supply that government with a large quantity of oak timber. To meet the expense involved he borrowed money in London. When he delivered the timber at Cadiz the agent with whom he had made the contract was out of office and the new agent declined to pay. On his voyage home, his ship foundered and he was saved with the crew in a boat, to find himself bankrupt. Afterward he made another voyage to Spain and claimed payment for his timber. Sir Benjamin Keene was then the English minister to Spain, and he used his influence to aid Mr. Wentworth, who, though unsuccessful in his suit, formed a warm friendship for Sir Benjamin, and his gratitude, and his admiration for the man, led him to name this town in his honor


  • Named after an attempted bailout



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