FREECAST S04E11: MAGA Cover Up And Assange Arrested

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MAGA Cover Up And Assange Arrested

Featuring Hosts: Matthew Carano, Nick Boyle, and Cord Blomquist

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Produced by: Matthew Carano, and Nick Boyle

Show Summary: On this episode of The Freecast, Epping High student forced to cover up MAGA shirt, Assange is ousted from embassy, Bill Weld runs republican, and a loose discussion on the NH state seal.




  • Freecoast Liberty Outreach Meetup
    • Rochester – 3rd Thursday

NH History

  • Colonial New Hampshire and its seals
    • I will be using all new style calendar dates to avoid confusion. Old style had the first day of the year as March 25th, Lady Day. In 1752, English speaking countries switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar, which changed the beginning of the year to January 1. That year Wednesday September 2nd, was followed by Thursday September 14th..
    • Between 1623-1640 when NH was “independent” it had no seal since John Mason only had a grant and had no charter. The 4 towns of NH operated autonomously and didn’t need a seal.
    • 1641-1679 NH was united with Massachusetts and used the Massachusetts Seal
    • In 1680, when John Cutt became “president” of NH, separate from Massachusetts, a new seal was made. Only one impression of that seal has been found, but it is in bad condition
    • 1682 Edward Cranfield seal
    • Feb 1685 James II ascended the throne and threw a wrench into how the colonies were organized.
    • In October 165 James II commissioned Joseph Dudley President, to rule over the Territory and Dominion of New England, consisting of Massachusetts Bay, Maine, New Hampshire and the Narragansett Country, or King’s Province.
    • In May 1686 the separate governments of the provinces united into the Dominion of New England were superseded by the central government so established, and their respective seals had no authority. (boo)
    • Later that year, Sir Edmund Andros took over as President and the dominion enlarged to include New Plymouth and Rhode Island.
    • Connecticut was added in 1687
    • New York and East and West Jersey added in 1688.
    • In Boston April 1689 news from England reported that James II was overthrown and Andros himself was overthrown by a popular uprising. From then until March 1690, was without any government, either by appointment of the Crown or by its own people, so the towns were obliged to take care of themselves! (gasp!)
    • Unfortunately, In March 1690 NH towns were for the second time, in Massachusetts jurisdiction and afterwards sent their representatives to the General Court in Boston.
    • Luckily it was short lived. March 1692 Samuel Allen was appointed governor of NH. New seal made. Allenstown is named after him.
    • Richard Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont was made governor in 1699. He was the first of many governors that were joint governors with Massachusetts until 1741.
    • Each Seal of New Hampshire in the Colonial Era had whatever the Seal of the Union of Great Britain Inscribed in Latin was with some variance on “The Seal of the Province of New Hampshire in New England.”
    • In 1775 the colony developed a separate colony seal with a fish on the left and a pine tree on the right with 5 arrows bundled in the middle to signify the 5 counties at the time and the 2 major industries on NH at the time.
    • In 1776 after independence was declared the seal had the words, “Vis Unita Fortior” until the adoption of the state constitution in 1784. It means “Strength united is stronger.”


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