Seacoast Digital Fast

Tom Local Activism

How much time do you spend on screens? Your television, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and now even your watch. When Apple debuted the screen time feature this past fall, I found it amazing the number of hours I spent simply on my phone, who really knows how much screen time I accumulated between all of my screens.

I did not like what I saw, so, I removed a ton of apps from my phone and put my phone in Do Not Disturb mode, 24-hours per day.

I recently, came across an event that has been going on for 3-years now, the Seacoast Digital Fast. It’s coming up and is around the corner. I’m in.

Here’s my recommendation, quitting cold turkey will be hard so, ease yourself into it and prepare yourself for the fast.

I recommend spending time in nature, reading, and having time with your loved ones. If you need some support, check out the Facebook event page or their website.