Feeling Freer after Liberty Forum

Jenny D. News & Views

Liberty Forum 2019 was hosted by BJ and Joslyn Mumford, who did a fantastic job organizing the event. The talks I saw ran smoothly and the speakers were knowledgeable and interesting. The buffet dinner on Friday was one of the best I have ever eaten. Details, such as the colors of the event (grey and teal) and the bar taking crypto, were really nice touches.  This year was the first time I had visited the exhibitor’s hall, and it did not disappoint. Although I am shy, the selfie contest (take a selfie with each exhibitor for a chance to win a gift basket filled with soaps, beer, and/or coffee) helped me get out of my comfort zone. As a result, I ended up learning a lot, making valuable networking connections, and buying some really cool stuff!

Thanks to Liberty Forum, I have gained more skills and practice to increase my independence. Besides overcoming a hurdle in talking to new people, I also learned about taking control of my finances, and gained knowledge to think for myself on important topics such as immigration and education savings accounts. I feel like I have become bettered by attending Liberty Forum 2019. I hope that the event continues to grow as a result of the fine job BJ and Joslyn did, and now I am even more excited for the next big FSP event, PorcFest XV!