FREECAST S04E04: Pay-To-Stay and Other Interstate Love Songs

Tom The Freecast

Featuring Hosts: Matthew Carano, Nick Boyle, and Cord Blomquist

Produced by: Matt Carano, and Nick Boyle

Engineered by: Matthew Carano

On this episode of The Freecast an interstate prostitution ring in Manchester is broken up, an ex-inmate challenges pay-to-stay, an Uber driver saves lives and gets punished for it, and NH gets new laws in 2019.


  • Interstate prostitution ring in Manchester broken up
  • Are you “Pho Keene” kidding me?
  • Ex-inmate challenging “pay-to-stay” law
  • No good deed goes unpunished.
  • New NH laws 2019
    • Marriage
      • Minimum age to marry up to 16 (previously 13 for girls and 14 for boys) HB 1587
      • Judges prohibited from permitting marriage contracts for those under the new age of consent unless they find “clear and convincing evidence” that the marriage is in the best interest of the child. HB 1661
      • Marriage certificate to count as emancipation for those under 18. HB 1337
    • Motor Vehicle Changes
      • Vehicles can’t operate continuously in the left lane if it impedes the flow of other traffic at or below the posted speed limit. $50 fine plus penalty assessment. Exceptions for any actual or potential hazards at the time. HB 1595
      • A driver of a light truck and passenger truck will fail inspection if rust has allowed exhaust gases to enter the car, has deteriorated the frame, or has dislodged the bumper to create a hazard. HB 1517
    • Conversion therapy
      • Any licensed professional who attempts conversion therapy on a minor will have committed unprofessional conduct and will be subject to discipline by their licensing authority. The bill covers any practices “that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity” HB 587
    • Limitations of” Double-dipping”
      • Double dipping: the practice of law enforcement and other officials retiring early and returning to work part time at their departments. While doing so, officials are often still drawing from the NH Retirement System. They work paid hours, continue to draw from their pensions and are no longer required to pay into the system.
      • Previously retirees could work up to 32 hours a week without giving up pensions
      • Retirement system is $5 BILLION in debt.
      • Now double dippers can only work 26 hours a week. HB 561
    • Female genital mutilation banned HB 1739
    • A $100,000 death benefit for any school employee killed in the line of duty, paid by the state treasurer to the victim’s family. HB 1415
    • Business profits tax lowered from 8.2% to 7.9%. Set to continue to gradually lower until 2021 at 7.5% RSA 77-A:2
    • Business enterprise tax lowered from .72% to .675%. Set to continue to gradually lower to .5% in 2021. RSA 77-E:2


  • Freecoast Liberty Outreach Meetup
    • Exeter – 2nd Thursday
    • Sea Dog Brewing Co. 9 Water St Exeter, NH 03833

NH History

  • America’s Stonehenge – Salem, NH
    • May be the oldest thing I’ve talked about on the podcast
    • Approximately 4,000 years old
    • Archaeological site with large rocks and stone structures over 30 acres
    • Dubbed “Mystery Hill” in 1937 by insurance executive William Goodwin who bought the land.
    • Renamed officially in 1982
    • Unknown who built the site, what the site was used for.
    • No cement used.
    • It is an astronomically aligned site with man-made caves
    • First mentioned in 1907 in the history of Salem.
    • Theory #1 Bronze age European settlers
      • Due to ceremonial leanings and lining up with astronomical events
      • However no bronze age artifacts or burials have been found at the site or any from europeans in the new world whatsoever
    • Theory #2 Irish monks built them as monasteries pre-Columbus
      • William Goodwin supported this theory, he was known to tamper with the site, harming future archaeological investigation.
    • Theory #3 Built by indigenous americans 4,000 years ago
      • Carbon dating
      • Lack of evidence for any europeans coming to the new world pre-christ
    • Theory #4 Someone post colonization built it


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