Blood Drive- Success!

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Volunteers waiting to donate

This past Saturday was a busy and exciting day for the Freecoast! Members of the Freecoast community as well as other donors rallied support behind organizer Tynan Mohney to donate blood. As a result, the first ever blood drive, with sponsorship by the Human Action Foundation, has been a resounding success. The total amount of blood gathered was 48 pints which can go on to save up to 144 lives!


The blood drive was held in honor of Freecoast community member, Joanna Suprock. Joanna, a long time blood donor, never would have imagined that she would find herself in a situation where she would be on the receiving end of a blood donation. However, that is exactly what took place when her son was born. After delivery, Joanna was experiencing complications. As a result, she lost a dangerous amount of blood. Thanks to the blood available from donations, transfusions were able to take place, saving Joanna’s life.

Joanna Suprock visiting with donors and holding the newest addition to her family

Touched by her story and presented with a need, the Freecoast community quickly grasped the opportunity to make a difference. Friends and family eagerly offered their assistance in preparing for the drive and donating blood. Joanna and her family were able to attend the event. They were there greeting people and thanking those who were able to offer their support and donate.

Greater Community Involvement

Event organizer, Tynan Mohney, taking a break from the registration table to give her donation

Members of the Freecoast community along with their families and friends, co-workers of the event organizer, and locals who seek out donation opportunities were all involved in the drive. Delicious tacos and cupcakes were provided by event organizers and quickly vanished! Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps provided calming “fidget buddies” for those donating.

The organizers send their appreciation to all those who helped in the set up and preparation for the drive. Also to the Red Cross for their support and opportunity to make this event happen. Thanks to The Human Action Foundation for sponsoring the event and providing a location, and of course the donors. It is wonderful to watch the Voluntarist spirit of this community shine.