Freecoast Ahoy! Smuttynose Saved & NH School Choice Pushback

Mike Vine News & Views

Positive outlook as Smuttynose moves forward

Peter Egelston was pained to watch Smuttynose Brewing Co., the craft brewery he launched 24 years ago, taken from his hands at a foreclosure auction March 9.

But the purchase of Smuttynose by a group of North Hampton investors, Runnymede Investments, has Egelston hopeful the brand will turn around.

Runnymede’s purchase was announced a week after the auction, its owners stating they hope to keep Smuttynose alive as a New Hampshire staple. Lindsay and Egelston said changes will hopefully include the introduction of new products, but the brand will stay much the same.

That brand, they said, has continued to hold a fan base despite the financial struggles. Lindsay said the brand’s recognizable artwork, from the two old geezers on the Finestkind IPA label to the image of Egelston’s late weinheimer Olive on the Old Brown Dog bottle, will remain.


Teachers, parents, administrators oppose NH school choice bill

The bill, which is supported by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, would provide parents with the state’s basic per-pupil grant of roughly $3,000 to be used for private school tuition or home schooling.


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