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Mike Vine Get Involved, Local Activism

Latest Update: January 23rd, 2018

Find a comprehensive and routinely updated list of pro-liberty projects and project ideas here on The Freecoast’s Activism page. Whether currently underway or still in formation, Freecoast activism projects are always looking for a helping hand. Choose what best fits your talents and interests, then reach out to get involved!

Current Projects

  • Freecoast Festival 2018 – Volunteers needed for Core Organizing Team. Captain: Tom Hudson
  • Seacoast Mesh – Volunteers needed, we are specifically looking at the goTenna product. Captain: Tom Hudson
  • Digital Currency Investors Circle – Yes, you can get wealthy through activism! Learn about cryptocurrency investment strategies in this group. Captain: Chris Rockwell
  • Weekly Outreach Meetups – The Freecoast Fellowship holds weekly outreach meetups on Thursday nights which rotate among Seacoast towns. Would you like to host one in your town? Captain: Kyle Mohney
  • CoastFit – Exercise is more fun with friends! CoastFit is a group for Freecoasters to coordinate fitness activities. Captain: Mike Vine

Proposed Projects

  • UNH Outreach – UNH has not had a liberty group for many years. Let’s change that! Captain: Sarah Scott
  • Unschooler Co-Op – An unschooler co-op with mentors and classes for all ages is in formation. Captain: Shea Levy

Solo Activism Ideas

Have a bit of free time and want to help the cause of liberty? Here’s a list of activism ideas to get you rolling. This post will be regularly updated with new ideas. If you accomplish one of the tasks, please post a comment below to let us know. Your good deeds will be rewarded!

  • Create a PDF educational guide, e.g.
    • Making the Move to The Freecoast (akin to
    • How to Use Digital Currency
    • Freecoast Visitor’s Guide
    • Liberty 101: An Introduction
    • Liberty 202: The Next Steps
    • Liberty 303: Advanced Concepts
    • Homeschooling Resources
  • Host a pro-liberty film screening and round-table discussion at a local library, school, pub, or elsewhere, e.g.
    • 4-20: The Documentary
    • Food, Inc.
    • The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
  • Add The Freecoast to Wikipedia
  • Submit our news and events to local media outlets, e.g.
    • NH Magazine (
    • Seacoast Online (
  • Contact liberty media outlets and let them know about the awesome free content available on and The Freecast, e.g.
    • Reason Magazine
  • Write a post for, e.g.
    • “101 Reasons to Move to the Freecoast”
    • How I Found The Philosophy of Liberty
  • Prepare something to share at the next Powwow, e.g.
    • A song, poem, or other work of art
    • An entrepreneurial business idea
    • An activism project you’d like to start or have underway