FREECAST S02E14: Hate Speech & The Anti-Choice Agenda

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Social media censorship from Germany to the US. Wikileaks shows collusion between The New York Times and Hillary Clinton’s State Department. SB 193 a win for school choice. Bitfinex defrauds again with Tether. And Carol Gardner joins The Freecast to discuss the ethics of investing!

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Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano and Mike Vine. With guest Carol Gardner.

Engineered by: Matt Carano

Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle



  • Dover Meetup – Thirsty Moose, Dover – Thursday 1/4 at 6pm
  • Portsmouth Art Walk – Various Galleries – Friday 1/5 at 5pm
  • MVP Meetup – Murphy’s Taproom, Manchester – Saturday 1/6 at 11:30 * The Director of School Choice for NH, Michelle Levell, will be present to speak about the legislative push for school choice in New Hampshire! * Melanie Gibson will stop by to inform us about the great stuff coming up at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum! * NHLA bill review to follow
  • Bardo Potluck and Upper Valley New Mover Party Saturday 1/6 at 5pm
  • – “feel free to come early and tour the farm”
  • NHLA Meeting – Murphy’s Taproom, Manchester – Sunday 1/7 at 1pm

Special Segment

  • The Ethics of Investing. Do we have an ethical duty to invest according to our values or should we simply seek profit and then spend the proceeds toward our values?
  • With: Carol Gardner

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