FREECAST S02E11: Cryptro-Craigslist and Penta -funds-are-gon

Tom The Freecast

Show Summary: Craigslist gives crypto option. CNN humiliated. American Express to remove the signature requirement. Pentagon can’t keep track of trillions of dollars and thousands of soldiers. Philly steps toward banning bulletproof glass in shops. State sovereignty threatened by the Feds.

Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano and Nick Boyle

Engineered by: Matt Carano

Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle



  • Seacoast Liberty Meetup this week is in Exeter 6 PM Thursday.
  • Board game night, Saturday, Dec 30th, 5-12 Midnight at the Prax.

The Big Question

  • Last week’s question: What percentage of your life should you give to the “cause”?
  • This week’s question: What is the best way to keep bad actors out of your liberty community