FREECAST S02E09: Net Neutrality & The World’s Blockchain Hub Is Portsmouth NH

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Show summary: Net neutrality should go. Airbnb is a no go in Portsmouth. US government uses $17 million of taxpayer money to silence accusers of misconduct. NH man makes a marvelous recovery. Jasper is no longer speaker. Health insurance options are discussed as the open enrollment window closes.

Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle

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  • Lakes Region Porcupines are running their toy drive for a 4th year helping kids from all over NH with 100% all funds going right to kids gifts. Monetary donations can be made to or
  • Blockchain conference 12/1/17
  • Enlightenment 12/21/17

Health Insurance Buying Guide 2018

Venture Capitalist

  • La Cascade du Chocolat


  • “if #NetNeutrality helps little guys compete with internet giants, why are internet giants for net neutrality? Asking for a friend.” – Rep. Thomas Massie, KY 4th district.

The Big Question

  • Last week’s question: How can one be a voluntarist in practice, attempting to ignore the state, when the state has no problem finding you and encroaching upon you?
    • Carol: Voluntarism for me is broader than just how I interact with the state.
    • Professionally — communicate goals to co-workers, get their input on how to achieve the necessary goal.  Many people find they get more buy-in from colleagues if they feel they have a say in what they do than when they are simply told what to do.
    • Interpersonally — build voluntary relationships with friends and loved ones. My mother is in her 80s, her boyfriend is in his 90s.  I described them to my BF as “my mom and her companion”. His face lit up and he said “I like that! Companion!  It’s a word that describes two people who are together strictly because they WANT to be together.”
    • With the state, there are many options for voluntary participation:
    • – Volunteer fire departments
    • – Volunteer EMS responders
    • – Supporting voluntary decisions, such as private trash pickup instead of municipal trash pickup.  Have the residents decide whether they want to haul their trash to the dump, or pay someone to take it away.
    • – Volunteering to maintain parklands — NH State Parks is self-supporting — they take NO money from the general fund, and 90% of trail work is done by volunteers
    • Voluntarism only works when people execute on their promise to work for a goal.  By volunteering to support our community, we demonstrate to our neighbors, and the state, how voluntarism can work – and it often works very well.
    • Success begets success — successful voluntary participation in the world around is will spawn more opportunities for voluntary participation in other aspects of this world.
  • Next week’s question: Does culture follow politics or does politics follow culture?
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