NOW THIS… Levy Family Offers $25K Matching Grant Toward Praxeum 2.0’s New Goal!

Mike Vine Announcement

The outpouring of support for the project to build a new Praxeum is simply awe-inspiring. I knew we had a good community here, but had no idea of the heights of our generosity and the depth of our shared vision for the future.

Yesterday, Ken announced that we surpassed our $125K downpayment crowdfund goal, thanks especially to a $100K anonymous donation. In response, the Board of the Human Action Foundation decided that…

“We believe the market is clearly telling us that we need to set our sights even higher. So, we are setting a new stretch goal of $250,000. These additional funds will go toward two goals: a larger property and a more epic buildout of the new space.”

Today, Shea & Alyssa Levy have met the call with another stunningly grand gesture: they will match every additional dollar donated up to $25,000!

So if you donate $100 today, they donate $100 too.

If you donate $10,000, they donate $10,000.

The Levys have been there from the founding of the current Praxeum and they want the next one to fulfill its true potential.

So the challenge is set… this is like a carnival dunk-tank… it’s up to you to throw your donations at the target and see if you can max out the Levys’ pledge!

Shea & Alyssa Levy live in Portsmouth with their son Colton and dogs Ash and Ember. They have been proud Freecoasters since 2014. On the crowdfund effort, Shea remarks:

“We are excited to give back to this wonderful community and have high hopes for the educational and social opportunities that Praxeum 2.0 will bring.”

Won’t you join them in making this dream come true?

Donate today!


Mike Vine
Human Action Foundation