Achievement Unlocked! Praxeum 2.0 Exceeds $125K Crowdfund Goal in 2 Weeks!

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We have an amazing update on the Praxeum 2.0 downpayment fundraiser. In less than 2 weeks following the launch, our $125,000 goal has been met and exceeded! No, we’re not kidding. Please read on for details and more exciting news…

How is this possible?


Each and every one of you. Thank you. The outpouring of support from the community has been truly humbling. On the heels of the Fourth Annual Freecoast Festival, we have received so many personal messages supporting the mission of the Human Action Foundation and the goals of Praxeum 2.0.

Between the fundraising soft launch leading up to the festival and the few days thereafter, donors generously contributed over $28,000. That number alone has floored us and provided so much excitement and hope!

The market is speaking with a clear message – Praxeum 2.0 needs to be built!

We recently received news that made me truly almost faint. An anonymous donor decided to meet our goal in one fell swoop with a $100,000 donation!!!!

Go back and read that one more time.

I did not stutter on the zeros.

One hundred thousand dollars.

We are speechless.

Achievement unlocked, but we’re not done yet!

We are confident that we can build an amazing Praxeum 2.0 with the down payment funds that have already been donated. That’s why we chose the initial goal of $125,000. We just expected it to take months to raise the funds, not 12 days! Based on this feedback, and the input received from the community on how you would like to utilize the new Praxeum, we believe the market is clearly telling us that we need to set our sights even higher.

After all, every additional dollar will go directly to building an even better Praxeum 2.0 – more space, more features, an even stronger anchor for the community.

So, we are setting a new stretch goal of $250,000. These additional funds will go toward two goals: a larger property and a more epic buildout of the new space. Of course, we remain committed to frugality, so if we end up with excess funds after building the Prax of our dreams, then they will be spent on programs to foster a free society. Programs championed by you, our fellow freethinkers.

What if liberty had a home?

Please consider donating (or donating again) today. Please spread the word to all of your liberty-leaning friends – anyone who wants to help build a new “shining city on a hill” – a living example of the virtues of liberty. Your donation is tax-deductible and truly appreciated by all who stand to benefit: students, parents, artists, entrepreneurs, and liberty-lovers everywhere.

Thank you for your continued support. Words simply cannot express our gratitude.

~ Ken Justice, Human Action Foundation (contact me)

p.s. Please respect the private donor’s request for anonymity, and do not ask us for details or spend effort speculating on their identity. We should graciously accept the donation and proceed with our mission. And we will show our gratitude by turning these funds into tangible results.