A Jam-Packed Saturday at The Fourth Annual Freecoast Festival!

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Come Join Us For Freecoast Festival 2017!

“Living a Voluntary Life Today”

Saturday of the Freecoast Festival will be the longest day of the event with 2 different venues, panels, speeches, sponsor presentations, 2 keynotes, and a catered cruise!  WOW, you DON’T want to miss this day!

The Freecoast Festival is an opportunity for our local liberty community to come together and for prospective movers to see what life is really like on New Hampshire’s Seacoast.

Saturday morning will begin with a speaker series at the iconic music venue, The Stone Church in Newmarket. The speaker series includes topics such as a panel entitled “Raising Voluntary Kids” hosted by Ken Justice, “An Agorist Sermon” by Vin Armani of The Vin Armani Show, and “Aligning Your Professions With Your Values” by Ken Justice and Chris Rockwell. There will also be some short talks from this year’s sponsors including, The Free State Project, Americans for Prosperity, and Dash Force. The speaker series ends with one of our keynote speakers, Hannah Braime from Becoming Who You Are, giving a speech entitled, “How To Think Like An Entrepreneur: 5 Strategies for Cultivating An Entrepreneurial Mindset.”

Ken Justice

Ken Justice – Freecoaster and Entrepreneur

Chris Rockwell

Chris Rockwell – Freecoaster and Entrepreneur









Hannah Braime

Hannah Braime – Becoming Who You Are

Vin Armani

Vin Armani – The Vin Armani Show









Saturday’s evening coastal cruise is the festival’s banner event. We’ll board the Thomas Laighton and make our way down New Hampshire’s spectacular seacoast, while enjoying an included catered meal. During the cruise, Mike Vine will give an uplifting talk finshed off with our keynote speech by Jake Desyllas from, “The Voluntary Life“. Jake Desyllas is an author, investor, entrepreneur and podcaster. He writes about entrepreneurship, financial independence, and freedom. If you haven’t caught his podcast, you’re missing out!

Mike Vine

Mike Vine – Freecoaster and Entrepreneur

Jake Desyllas

Jake Desyllas – The Voluntary Life









The cruise and Saturday’s official events will end with what is typically a gorgeous sunset in and around Portsmouth.  It truly is an event that you don’t want to miss!

So what are you waiting for?!  Get your tickets right now!  Remember to add on the additional cruise ticket so that you aren’t left on the docks while the rest of us cruise away.  See you on The Freecoast!