The Freecoast’s Vibrant Activism Scene by Joël Valenzuela

Tom Local Activism

The Freecoast has earned a well-deserved reputation as a hub for entrepreneurs and families. Did you know, though, that the Freecoast also offers a vibrant activism scene?
We are home to the two courthouses (Dover and Brentwood) most consistently covered by jury nullification activists. Additionally, Freecoast activists helped Americans for Prosperity (AFP) turn out liberty-minded voters for an important election in Hampton earlier this month. In fact, these efforts constituted just one of seven different operations that Freecoast activists pursued in one week! We knocked on a total of 573 doors and made 179 calls, constituting nearly 20% of AFP’s total output. Our contribution was significant considering that AFP also had more than a dozen paid employees and numerous volunteers participating.
What sets Freecoast activism apart is that most of the activists involved have full-time (or more) careers and many have families. For instance, during the hectic week of activism mentioned above, three different parents brought their kids along for the ride. Activism isn’t just for the full-time liberty soldier or the under-employed youth; the whole family has game-changing impact here.
Successful businesses, a flourishing family-focused community, and prolific activism … on the Freecoast you can have it all.