Community Causes:

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At this time, we appreciate more than ever the work of local entrepreneurs in charity and business. This is the second in a series of posts highlighting causes supported by the Freecoast community. 

Freecoasters are passionate about supporting those within our community and beyond. Combined with this is the ambition of achieving decentralized monetary freedom. With these goals in mind, several are working on practical ways to utilize cryptocurrencies for daily transactions. is one such project where we can do just that. is a platform for people who earn their money through community support. It helps creators earn money by making it as easy as possible for people to support their work. simplifies donations by allowing you to list all of your crypto donation addresses in one place, sharing them with a single link. Add all of your websites and social media platforms on your page so people can follow and support you wherever you are. This video shared by creator gives a great overview of the practical use of

As businesses are opening back up, many creators still face massive restrictions. We can use cryptocurrencies to extend our reach to the Seacoast and beyond in order to offer support. Check out to get started!