In The Game Of Liberty, You Win Or You Die

Robert Victor News & Views

One of the things I enjoy most about finishing a story of any type is the period afterwards where you consciously and subconsciously process the entire thing. Game of Thrones ended a few weeks ago at this point, and as with any ending there are lots of hot takes out there.

Personally, the show has me reflecting on the liberty movement.

Here on the Freecoast, and in the whole state of New Hampshire, we get to be part of one of the most active liberty movements in the world. Maybe in history.

There are amazing people performing incredible acts of activism in every region. From the court rooms at the capitol to microbreweries on the coast and everywhere else, you can find activists engaging in activities ranging from attention grabbing to gentle reminders.

There is a problem, and it is one that is not confined to New Hampshire.

It is a problem facing the entire liberty movement.

The Importance Of Alliances

Throughout all of Game of Thrones, the characters in the show – as well as the audience – kept wondering… who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Along the way, alliances were forged and betrayals were wrought.

Narrative issues aside, without some very strong alliances the Night King and White Walkers would not have been stopped.

Within the liberty movement, we have many groups who could be strong allies that instead find themselves at odds with one another.

Viewers of Game of Thrones, meanwhile, were puzzled by many characters reactions to the obvious and immediate threat of the White Walkers. How could these people be so short sighted? Where would they run to if the White Walkers made it past Winterfell?

We sometimes get caught up in short sighted issues, too. We want everyone to register to join the Libertarian Party, or we want everyone to stop voting. We want to talk only in the hypothetical about Ancapistan, or we only want to talk about the law.

We then brand the people who disagree with us, “wrong”.

While we enjoy our bit of infighting…

Winter Is Coming

Photo taken at a recent Bernie Sanders rally

Since you’re reading this, it is highly likely that you already believe that the government should do less. In fact, it is likely that you believe the state should be eradicated altogether.

By having either of those beliefs, or anything in between, you are in a very small minority. This is important to know, because demographics change and the fight is not going to get easier.

Gen Z and Millenials are the most “left wing” generations ever*. They don’t hold power yet, but they will.

Who will they be supporting? Who will be ruling over them? Who will be ruling over you? The Bernie Sanders’s and AOC’s of the world.

This socialism winter is not coming, though that quote is always fun to say. It is already here, and has been here for years. This is not a Left versus Right issue, it is Up versus Down. Up is the expansion of the state, and Down is the reduction of it.

Though you may disagree on the how, anyone who wants to reduce “the state” in any way is your ally.

Not Today

We need to be supportive, we need to be encouraging, and we need people to be as active as they can be wherever and however they want.

In his book Swarmwise, Rick Falkvinge** talks about the energy needed to sustain a movement like this. The biggest downfall that he has seen is when someone comes to the party and announces they want to do “X”, then someone in a position of leadership says, “No, no. You should do ‘Y’ instead.” The usual outcome is the new person’s fire goes out, and they do nothing.

To my minarchist friends, let’s stop rolling our eyes at the anarchists (They’re being unrealistic! You say). To my anarchist friends, let’s stop calling the minarchists names (But they are statists! You say).

While you may not want to help with what they are doing, what they are doing might one day help you.

So let’s be kind and support one another, for the night is dark and full of terrorsand socialists.