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On this episode of The Freecast Sununu vetoes, recovery homes get regulated, a Newfields teacher helps their students cheat, and the history of the NH primary.



  • Freecoast Liberty Outreach Meetup
    • Rochester – 3rd Thursday

NH History

  • NH Primary
    • What happened before primaries?
      • Caucuses.
      • Starting with 1796, Congressional party or a state legislature party caucus selected the party’s presidential candidates Before 1820, Democratic-Republican members of Congress would nominate a single candidate from their party. That system collapsed in 1824, and since 1832 the preferred mechanism for nomination has been a national convention.
      • Delegates to the national convention were usually selected at state conventions whose own delegates were chosen by district conventions.
    • Florida had the first primary in 1901.
    • NH instituted a primary in 1912.
    • Primary voting day to be on the same day as town meeting day, i.e in March. This just happened to be before any other state’s primary.
    • Instead of the modern method of voting for the candidate, originally you were voting for the delegate that was going to the party’s national convention.
    • The delegates pre-1952 were usually active in local politics, and usually would post-primary generally vote for the party favorite.
    • In 1949, the NH legislature decreed that primary ballots would also include candidate’s names. That delegate didn’t need to vote for the candidate listed under their name, however.
    • The first presidential primary after that was in 1952. And it was the first time an actual referendum on the candidates could be made
      • Time magazine said at the time:
        • Tiny New Hampshire (pop. 536,000) is normally little more than a speck on the politicians’ map of the U.S. It will send numerically unimportant delegations to the national political conventions; 14 to the Republican, eight to the Democratic. But last week politicians and pundits from coast to coast were carefully adjusting their fine tuning to get a good, 21-in. view of what is going on there. On March 11, New Hampshire will have the first presidential preference primary of 1952.
      • The top two on the Republican ticket were establishment favorite, Robert Taft & former general, Dwight Eisenhower
      • The top two of the  Democratic ticket were incumbent Harry Truman & challenger Estes Kefauver
        • Kefauver wore a racoon skin hat
      • Eisenhower won and Kefauver won
        • After the NH primary, Truman decided not to run anymore.
        • Kefauver won 12 of the 15 state primaries, however, he lost the nomination to Adlai Stevenson who said he wasn’t interested in running for president up to just after he gave the welcoming speech at the Democratic Convention.
    • Since 1977 it has been state law for NH to have the first primary in the United States.
    • There have only been 3 elections since 1952 where a winner of the NH primary DIDN’T become president
      • 2008 Hillary Clinton beat Obama
      • 2000 John McCain beat Bush
      • 1992 Paul Tsongas beat Clinton


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