FREECAST S04E12: Let’s Burn Cars

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Featuring Hosts: Matthew Carano, Nick Boyle, and Cord Blomquist

Engineered by: Matthew Carano

Produced by: Matthew Carano, and Nick Boyle

On this episode of The Freecast: Laurie List to be released without redaction, new legislation allows Kingston residents to burn a car, Tether’s up to no good again, and Meshech Weare as NH’s supreme leader.



Freecoast Liberty Meetup Thursday: Dover

NH History

  • The 1784 Constitution
    • Meshech Weare
      • President of the Executive Council
        • This was the upper-body of the legislature and the executive body
      • Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court
      • He was at the top of all three branches of government
      • He began as a town moderator
    • Pine Tree Riots
      • In 1772 Weare was one of four justices to rule on the Pine Tree Riots
      • He voted to fine the defiant party 20 schilling, which was an extremely light punishment
    • Book Recommendation: Andrew Vietze’s White Pine: American History and the Tree That Made a Nation
      • Native Americans in the “Five Nations” seeking peace would gather beneath a towering white pine, its clusters of five needles a symbol of unity.
      • The Mohawks called the Algonquin “rondak,” a slur meaning “tree eater” because they ate the inner layer of bark during hard winters to prevent scurvy
      • The English exhausted all of their native “mast trees,”
        • Imported trees from Russia and Norway and Bosnia
        • These trees needed to be 3’ feet wide at the base and 36’ high
        • Had to keep pace with the Dutch, French, and Spanish
      • This was the driver of the Pine Tree Riots
      • Explains why the pine was on the first Flag of New England


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