Freecast S04E08: Red Flag Laws

Tom The Freecast

Featuring Hosts: Matthew Carano, Nick Boyle, and Cord Blomquist

Engineered by: Matthew Carano

Produced by: Matt Carano, and Nick Boyle

On this Episode of The Freecast the Red Flag Law gets a hearing in Concord, deregulation spikes sales in CBD, HIV may have a cure, and Dover says no to a private music venue.



  • Freecoast Liberty Outreach Meetup
    • Dover – 1st Thursday

NH History

  • Mt Monadnock
    • 3165 ft
    • 1,000 ft taller than any other peak in over 30-mile radius
    • 2,150 ft prominence
    • It is so isolated that American geologists use Monadnock as a term for a mountain or hill that rises abruptly compared to the rest of the landscape
      • It’s like Erebor
    • Monadnock derives from an Abenaki term, loosely translated as “the mountain that stands alone
    • The earliest recorded ascent was in 1725 by Captain Samuel Willard and his fourteen rangers. They camped out there to look out for indigenous Americans.
    • Strange records
      • Garry Harrington, hiked Monadnock 16 times in 24 hours
      • Larry Davis hiked the summit daily for 2,850 days (7.8 years)
    • 3rd most popularly hiked the mountain in the world at 125,000 hikers a year
    • The summit is barren, this isn’t because of a natural tree line, but because there were fires set by settlers sometime between 1810 and 1820 that raged for weeks destroying all the trees and the top-soil
    • Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote a long poem about the mountain, which is one of his most famous poems, called “Monadnock”.
    • Other Transcendentalists Henry David Thoreau and Margaret Fuller visited the Monadnock several times and wrote about it.


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