Live Life On Your Own Terms


If you would enjoy real freedom, you must be the slave of philosophy. –¬†Epicurus

Do you know who Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis is? Well, the world today he is merely known as Cato the Younger. He has been revered by many, such as George Washington while others held him in contempt as Julius Caesar did.

Cato was a staunch supporter of the Republic, aka, Rome during the time that Caesar was the Emperor. As a staunch stoic he chose to live his life on his own terms, which is what many libertarians tend to do.

Many libertarians tend to be entrepreneurs, educate their children, and develop communities, businesses, and relationships that support their philosophical belief system.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Back to Cato. Cato was a man of action. Competing to have his voice heard was difficult, very much like getting your own voice heard today; it’s akin to pushing a rope up a hill – pointless, and it’s not going to make a lasting impact. Therefore, he chose to take action. There are many examples in his daily life such as sleeping side-by-side with his troops (rather than a tent free from the mud, grime, and blood of war), and he surrounded himself with other philosophers rather than advisors – he wanted to be challenged and grow as a person.

Grit & Integrity

Cato was known not to accept bribes; it was against his moral code. This level of integrity breeds fear, resentment, and hatred from one’s enemies, yet it creates an unfathomable brand of loyalty, compassion, and courage in those that support you and even those that may only know of you by your admiration for them.

What’s the point of this?

Many people live their life on cruise control. They live their life based on undecision – they vote for a political party because their parents did, they may go to the same church that their family went to, and they may have many of the same “beliefs” that they grew up in. It’s no fault that this happens as people are not generally taught critical thinking skills and that they have an option to choose. Choose a better way. A way that they can design rather than one that is pre-programmed for them. Cato’s life was not simple. Choosing a life outside of the norm is challenging. People generally do not understand you. They believe that you are odd and abnormal, yet it’s merely because you are taking a step back from the rat race and reflecting on what’s important to you. Learning about yourself. Your beliefs. Challenging your thoughts. And developing a moral compass, a code, if you will, that, allows you to live life on your own terms. This is what you will find at many of the events that the Freecoast holds. If this sounds daunting and creates anxiety for you, then this is a positive sign. Lean into that fear. Learn about your fear and embrace it. Only by doing this, can you truly live life on your own terms.