Help Wanted in New Hampshire: Unemployment Rate Is 2.7%

Mike Vine Microblog, News & Views

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate is 2.7%, so low that employers are crying ‘Uncle!’

The Union-Leader ran a story Wednesday on a pizza restaurant outside of Portsmouth which had to close after 6 months in business due to a lack of staff. Several other entrepreneurs were interviewed who share a sense of desperation in the search for qualified workers.

While these businesspeople are the heroes of the free market and our hearts go out to them, there’s another takeaway:

If you’re looking for work, this is one of the best places in the world to find it.

And that will likely remain true even if we soon see another recession like the 2008 financial crisis. Back then, NH unemployment only rose to 6.2%. [1]

What’s the secret to this success? The New Hampshire Advantage, of course.

Author: Mike Vine

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