Freecoast Festival 2018 Schedule!

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Freecoast Festival 2018 is here THIS weekend!! Focusing around the theme of “Building a Voluntary Community,” this year’s festival promises to be incredibly engaging and thought provoking. The festival includes panels on education, an entrepreneurship competition, and engaging speakers focusing on individual contributions towards Voluntarism. We invite you to see how as individuals, we can make an impact towards building a voluntary community.

The following is a schedule of events for the festival. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, they are still available here. Don’t forget to use Dash for a $20 discount or SmartCash for a 20% discount!

The Praxeum · 97 Piscataqua Road · Dover, NH
Carpooling is encouraged.
Please drive carefully— there is a blind turn entering and exiting the parking lot

5:00 pm
Praxeum 2.0 Launch Party!
Registration Opens
Food provided by Bardo Farm, drinks provided by SmartCash

5:30 pm
Welcome Home!
Speaker: Mike Vine

6:00 pm
A Message from the Free State Project
Speaker: Rachel Goldsmith

6:20 pm
Porcupines’ Den Introductions and Elevator Pitches

Host: BJ Mumford

7:15 pm
A Message from SmartCash
Speaker: Chris Karabats

7:30 pm
After Hours Dash n’ Drinks at b.Bar
801 Islington Street #11 / Portsmouth, NH
Host: Joël Valenzuela

3S Artspace · 319 Vaughan Street · Portsmouth, NH

9:00 am
Registration and Exhibitors Open
Coffee and snacks provided by Dash

9:25 am
Welcome to Freecoast Festival 2018!
Host: Kyle Mohney

9:30 am
Self-Ownership During Childbirth: A Doula’s Perspective
Speaker: Taylor Davis

10:00 am
The Innocence Project
Speaker: Stephanie Hartung

10:30 am
A Message from Americans for Prosperity
Speaker: Ross Connolly 

10:50 am
The Power of Place-Based Community
Speaker: Tim Brochu

11:20 am
Autodidacts Throughout History
Speaker: Professor CJ

11:50 am Lunch Break

12:30 pm
Education Panel
Moderator: Michelle Levell
Panelists: Taylor Davis, Janet Ellis, Catie Mclaughlin, Kyle Mohney, Matt Amberson

1:45 pm
A Message from Dash
Speaker: Joël Valenzuela

2:15 pm
Afternoon Keynote: How Liberty Enriches the Poor
Speaker: Mary Ruwart

Cruise Begins for All-Inclusive Ticket Holders
Park at (or walk to) 315 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH
Cruise departs at 3:30 pm sharp!

Dinner served throughout

5:30 pm
Cruise: Finding What’s Right

Speaker: Mike Vine

6:00 pm
Cruise: Evening Keynote

Speaker: Radley Balko

7:30 pm
After Hours Dash n’ Drinks at Liar’s Bench
459 Islington Street #4 / Portsmouth, NH
Host: Joël Valenzuela

10:00 pm 
Late Night After Party – Capital Interest
277B Marcy Street / Portsmouth, NH
Host: Steven Zeiler
$1 Crypto Cover

3S Artspace · 319 Vaughan Street · Portsmouth, NH

9:00 am
Doors and Exhibitors Open
Coffee and snacks provided by Dash

9:55 am
Host: Tom Hudson

10:00 am
New Hampshire Liberty Markets
Speaker: Emily Smith

10:30 am
Emancipated Minds
Speaker: Ken Justice

10:50 am
A Message from Aragon
Speaker: John Light

11:10 am
How to Crypto if You’re an Artist
Speaker: Naomi Brockwell

11:40 am Lunch Break

12:40 pm
Porcupines’ Den
Host: BJ Mumford

2:55 pm
Porcupines’ Den Winner Announced
Host: Joël Valenzuela

3:00 pm
Host: Tom Hudson

We would also like to extend a very special thank you to our festival sponsors!











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