PorcDen: Pitch Your Business & Win Dash

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Here on the Freecoast, you will find an eclectic group of Porcupines: freedom loving individuals who have made the move to New Hampshire. There is an assortment of artists, authors, programmers, farmers, musicians, teachers, families, singles, and a variety of entrepreneurs from varying types of businesses. One of our favorite events at the annual Freecoast Festival showcases this special group of entrepreneurs with the goal of helping out aspiring business owners. This event is the 4th Annual highly successful and entertaining Porcupines’ Den, or PorcDen, that is highlighted on Entrepreneur’s Day.

What is PorcDen?

So what exactly is PorcDen, anyway? It is an amazing opportunity for Free Staters and potential New Movers to get in front of a panel of experienced entrepreneurial judges, who will serve as mentors, and pitch their business idea. This year is the start of a new format for PorcDen that will consist of two rounds of competition, including a 1 minute “Elevator Pitch” from each participant on Friday. The participants will discuss their business ideas with mentors throughout the festival before the final round of in-depth presentations on Sunday as the Finale of the Freecoast Festival.

Event hosts are still seeking participants for the competition from any type of entrepreneurial pursuit, including for-profit business, non-profit organizations, and self-funded activism projects. Our goal for the participants is for them to gain valuable feedback and experience in presenting their business ideas to experienced mentors. With a field of 10+ entrepreneurs, and no limitations on the type or scale of enterprise presented, we expect to have fierce competition and an entertaining event as each entrepreneur makes the case for why their project is most deserving of this year’s Dash prize!

Dash Prize

This year’s event promises to be our biggest so far. The highlight of the competition is that we will be giving away our biggest prize yet – 5 Dash! (worth ~ $1200 at the time this was written!)

Our goal is that these funds can help give an aspiring entrepreneur the extra boost their business needs. Whether to hire some needed help, purchase some required materials, or make the move to the Freecoast, we want to assist someone to be able to put additional energy and resources in to their business to help it grow.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s Porcupines’ Den, please contact event coordinators at kyle@humanaction.foundation for more details. And of course, do not forget to purchase your Freecoast Festival tickets today!