July Powwow: Is Christianity Compatible with Liberty?

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UPDATE: Powwow this month will be held at Great Island Common! Meet by the fishing pier. See map:


Announcing the next Freecoast Powwow and Sunschool – Sunday, July 15th!

New This Month:

• Special Roundtable Presentation on an important topic: Is Christianity Compatible with Liberty?

Featuring Christian and Atheist libertarian panelists:

  • Barry Ellis is a “churchless” protestant Christian. He believes in the Bible and its teaching of peace, but sees that being practiced more by libertarians than many self-professed Christians.
  • Link Wilcox converted to Catholicism in adulthood. She believes the same rationality that brought her to liberty also brought her to her faith.
  • Mike Vine is an agnostic atheist. He believes that Christianity is compatible with “thin” libertarianism, but perhaps not “thick” libertarianism.
  • And moderator Kyle Mohney, who has a personal understanding of both Christian and Atheist worldviews.

This will be a respectful discussion of the diverse fundamental principles that have brought us together in the Freecoast Liberty Fellowship. The purpose is not to declare a winner, but to seek a deeper understanding of one another.

• The Roundtable will be followed by the Symposium, our open forum in which all Powwow participants are welcome to discuss the topic of the day or something else entirely!

• At Sunschool, we’ll be discussing How to Win Friends & Influence People. Relationships are important, so how do we build strong connections with others? In this month’s Sunschool, we’ll compare notes and look at the social wisdom of the ages to see what we can learn.


What Is The Freecoast Powwow?

Every month, on the 3rd Sunday at noon, the Freecoast liberty community gathers to have a Powwow.

This is more formal than our weekly pub nights, but it’s still a lot of fun! It’s a chance for Freecoasters to explore big ideas, share their passions, and stay connected to one another on a level beyond social media posts.

The Powwow format is:

• Greeting and Announcements – Overview of the program, important liberty news, and community announcements.
• Featured Presentations – Scheduled talks and performances.
• Symposium – An open forum for all to share and discuss. Bring a song or photo, a personal or philosophical question, a recent achievement in your life, a book recommendation, or anything else you’d like to share.

What Is Sunschool?

Sunschool is an innovative one-hour learning session for young scholars, whether homeschoolers, unschoolers, or those enrolled in traditional schools. One Sunday per month, students gather to discuss a topic with an expert mentor. The format is student-driven, exploring their questions and helping them find answers rather than passively memorizing the doctrine of a teacher or textbook.

Past topics include:

• Concepts of Good & Evil
• Philosophy of Comics
• Physical Fitness
• Theories of Justice
• Economics
• Philosophy of Science
• Semiotics
• Entrepreneurship for Young People

Sunschool is held on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 11am-noon. Please contact us for more information.

All ages welcome, but recommended for students 8-12.