June Powwow: Private Law, Infinite Banking, Crapitalism & Profit Pioneers

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Announcing the next Freecoast Powwow and Sunschool – Sunday, June 17th!

New This Month:

• Mike Vine gives a talk on “The Private Law Society” – how peace can be maintained, property protected, and disputes resolved without coercion.

• BJ Mumford offers a Featured Presentation on “Infinite Banking”. This Robert P. Murphy-endorsed financial concept cleverly uses whole life insurance to free you from the traditional banking cartel.

• During Symposium, we want to hear where you draw the line between capitalism and cronyism, in addition to open discussion of the day’s talks and other topics on your mind!

• At Sunschool, we’ll be discussing Entrepreneurship for Young People: Part II! Last month, our scholars were challenged to create a profitable business. This month, we’ll compare results!


What Is The Freecoast Powwow?

Every month, on the 3rd Sunday at noon, the Freecoast liberty community gathers at the Praxeum to have a Powwow.

This is more formal than our weekly pub nights, but it’s still a lot of fun! It’s a chance for Freecoasters to explore big ideas, share their passions, and stay connected to one another on a level beyond social media posts.

The Powwow format is:

• Greeting and Announcements – Overview of the program, important liberty news, and community announcements.
• Featured Presentations – Scheduled talks and performances.
• Symposium – An open forum for all to share and discuss. Bring a song or photo, a personal or philosophical question, a recent achievement in your life, a book recommendation, or anything else you’d like to share.

What Is Sunschool?

Sunschool is an innovative one-hour learning session for young scholars, whether homeschoolers, unschoolers, or those enrolled in traditional schools. One Sunday per month, students gather to discuss a topic with an expert mentor. The format is student-driven, exploring their questions and helping them find answers rather than passively memorizing the doctrine of a teacher or textbook.

Past topics include:

• Concepts of Good & Evil
• Philosophy of Comics
• Physical Fitness
• Theories of Justice
• Economics
• Philosophy of Science
• Semiotics

Sunschool is held on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 11am-noon. Please contact us for more information.

All ages welcome, but recommended for students 8-12.