The Freecoast @ PorcFest XV This June!

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Yes, the Freecoast will have a presence at PorcFest XV. That is, even beyond Freecoast couple Jessica & Rodger Paxton who are organizing the whole flippin’ festival this year!

The schedule is not 100% finalized, but we will try to keep this post updated with all Freecoast-related happenings at PFXV. Here’s the full festival schedule.

So far…
• Tueday, June 19 at 5pm in the Pavilion- Jessica and Rodger Lead the Porcfest Welcome:

         Welcome to Porcfest XV!

Come discover what’s in store for this incredible week! You’ll hear from the PorcFest Producers, Rodger and Jessica Paxton, and the Executive Director of the Free State Project, Rachel Goldsmith.

• Wednesday, June 20th at 4PM (venue TBD) – Ken, Chris, and Brent speak about their new project:

        Emancipated Minds: Engineers Leaving the War Machine Behind

What would you do if you realized that your unique intellectual talents were being used to create suffering in the world? When your profession no longer aligns with your values, could you make a major life change? Would you risk your comfortable salary, benefits, and pension to make positive change in the world and sleep better at night?

Some have done just that, and these emancipated minds want to support others who are looking to do the same.

• Thursday, June 21st at 11AM in the Pavilion – Molly Smith represents the Freecoast:

       New Movers Panel

Are you planning your move but haven’t chosen a town or region yet? Let these panelists help you make your decision. They will present pros and cons for all of NH’s regions

 • Friday, June 22nd at 2PM in the Pavilion – Mike Vine will speak on the following topic:

      The Free State Project: A Spectacular Failure

Mike Vine is an early signer and a First 1K mover with the Free State Project. He was Lead Organizer for PorcFest X and played a significant role in triggering the move in 2016. In this talk, Mike offers a critical analysis of the FSP’s history and a forecast of how the project might look at its 20th anniversary.

• Friday, June 22nd at 4PM at the Upper Picnic Tent – The Freecoast will have a Meet & Greet, hosted by Mike Vine and Kyle Mohney.
 • There will also be several Freecoast podcasters in the Media Room throughout the week:

-The Freecast, Thursday at 1pm
-Up Rev Ninja, Thursday at 2pm
-League of Liberty, Friday at 11am
-Resist the Empire, Friday at 1pm

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  2. Jessica here! Rodger and I will be leading the PorcFest welcome on Tuesday at 5pm in the Pavilion. I will also be moderating the New Mover Panel on Thursday at 11am in the Pavilion (which will include a new mover from the Freecoast!).
    Several podcasters from the Freecoast will be in the Media Room throughout the week:
    -The Freecast, Thursday at 1pm
    -Up Rev Ninja, Thursday at 2pm
    -League of Liberty, Friday at 11am
    -Resist the Empire, Friday at 1pm

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