The Freecoast @ PorcFest XV This June!

Yes, the Freecoast will have a presence at PorcFest XV. That is, even beyond Freecoast couple Jessica & Rodger Paxton who are organizing the whole flippin’ festival this year!

The schedule is not 100% finalized, but we will try to keep this post updated with all Freecoast-related happenings at PFXV. Here’s the full festival schedule.

So far…

• Friday, June 22nd at 2PM in the Pavilion – Mike Vine will speak on the following topic:

The Free State Project: A Spectacular Failure

Mike Vine is an early signer and a First 1K mover with the Free State Project. He was Lead Organizer for PorcFest X and played a significant role in triggering the move in 2016. In this talk, Mike offers a critical analysis of the FSP’s history and a forecast of how the project might look at its 20th anniversary.

• Friday, June 22nd at 4PM at the Upper Picnic Tent – The Freecoast will have a Meet & Greet, hosted by Mike Vine and Kyle Mohney.

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