HAF Reaches $250,000 Stretch Goal for Freethinking Community Space on New Hampshire’s Seacoast!

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The Human Action Foundation, a New Hampshire-based 501c3 nonprofit organization, is pleased to announce that due to the overwhelming generosity and enthusiasm of our donors, the liberty space crowdfund has met its $250,000 stretch goal!

We now confidently have enough funds for the down payment and buildout of a property that will become the new hub of freedom and community activity on New Hampshire’s Seacoast.

This effort is a major expansion and elaboration of the community space in Portsmouth currently leased and operated by the Human Action Foundation – and supported by a diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs, and educators from across the Seacoast.

The crowdfund was announced in September, and reached its initial goal of $125,000 in 2 weeks. This prompted the project’s leadership to re-evaluate what was possible with the purchase and buildout, leading to the $250,000 stretch goal. The Levy Family’s matching grant spurred another $50,000 in donations, and other donors large and small have now brought the campaign to today’s incredible milestone.

The property search is still underway, with the challenge of meeting the community’s aspirations despite restrictive land-use policies across Southern New Hampshire.

However, with patience and perseverance, the Human Action Foundation and volunteer leaders are committed to transforming this fund into an inspiring home for:

  • Student-driven learning – including programs for homeschoolers and supplementary education for all.
  • Continuing education and personal development for adults.
  • Incubation of entrepreneurship and small business.
  • Original art and media production.
  • Community gatherings and enrichment activities – including game nights and film screenings.
  • Promotion of local farmers and artisans.
  • Charitable efforts for those in need.

Many of these services have been offered in various contexts, but never before have they been brought together into one flexible-use space designed to promote cooperation and interaction between them. Never before has this kind of effort been backed by a community that believes so strongly in the DIY ethos, that it is up to individual human action to create the world in which we wish to live.

Reaching this $250,000 stretch goal today is a testament to that backing. The Human Action Foundation and all volunteers on this project express profound gratitude for this outpouring of support. Now, we will continue the momentous work to make this vision real.

The crowdfund will remain open until the ribbon is cut on the new property. Many aspects of this project are scalable, meaning that additional funds will open additional opportunities. These include purchasing a larger property, purchasing the property without a mortgage, and making the buildout of the space more spectacular. Much like a house purchase, these funds will create a store of equity in the property that will serve as an endowment for the liberty community for years to come.

To learn more, visit https://humanaction.foundation/donate.