Praxeum 2.0 Crowdfund Passes Another Major Milestone!

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The Levy Family set out a challenge: donate $25K to build the next Praxeum and we will match it dollar-for-dollar. The hope was to reach $200K total by the Feast of the Freecoast. I am incredibly excited to announce that our dear benefactors have met and exceeded this goal!

That’s right… thanks to the generosity of the Freecoast liberty community, the Human Action Foundation fund for a new Praxeum now stands at:



When we set out to create a permanent Praxeum on property that we own, it seemed like a pipe dream. In the course of daily life, we can lose sight of how impassioned our fellow liberty lovers are and how much the current Praxeum has meant to all of us over the past several years.

Then, we met our initial goal of $125K in three weeks. And this dream became very real. And we redoubled our efforts to find an excellent property.

When we set a stretch goal of $250K, it once again seemed unreachable. Then the amazing Levy Family offered their matching grant – and you met their call!

Now we’re so close to the stretch goal that it, too, is becoming real. And we’re just around the corner from #GivingTuesday, when everyone is encouraged to make those end-of-year charitable donations. Not only for the good causes they empower, but to lower the amount of taxes that go to purposes you don’t support.

The team spearheading this project is so grateful for this outpouring of donations. Make no mistake: where we are today, we can make a new pro-liberty institution of which we’ll all be proud. But our ambitions are scalable. If we reach that stretch goal, it means an even bigger and better property. It means a more awesome buildout. It means the world will have an even more glorious living monument to liberty.

So if you’re able, keep the donations coming! And keep spreading the word about this project! Our attention is on the property search and construction plans – and we will be updated donors regularly, including at our quarterly Praxeum Benefactor Soireés.

Click Here to learn more about Praxeum 2.0 and join the cause. *Every donation* is appreciated, no matter the size.

Can you imagine standing together on our own land and thinking back to when this all seemed like a pipe dream? It’s real. It’s happening. And it’s thanks to so many of you!

To Liberty!

Mike Vine
Human Action Foundation
Free In Thought • Good In Deed