FREECAST S02E05: Corporate Power and Natural Rights

Tom The Freecast

On this episode: The power of Fortune 500 corporations. Guns in gloveboxes. TSA pre-check in stadiums. And Hollywood’s power to ostracize.

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Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle

Engineered by: Matt Carano

Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle



The Big Question

  • Are Rights Really Inalienable? Do Natural Rights Even Exist?

Praxeum 2.0

Social media

  • Last week we asked: “Why does liberty matter to you?”
    • @BitcoinNotBombs
    • It is the way to leave the world better than we found it, a reason for being at all. #liberty
  • Question for listeners: Would you agree never to collect social security (despite paying in), if it would exempt your children from contributing? (h/t Link)
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