Aligning Your Profession With Your Values (Ken Justice and Chris Rockwell) from Freecoast Festival 2017

Rodger PaxtonFreecoast Festival, The Freecast

Find out how Ken Justice and Chris Rockwell each made huge life changes to align their professions with their values, with lessons learned and practical steps that you can take if you are feeling a similar disconnect. Listen to the Aligning Your Profession With Your Values segment from the Freecoast Festival 2017.

A few follow-on notes from Ken:

  • I was very nervous during this talk (it was my first time speaking about this experience), and thus I managed to misspeak a bit. One aspect about having a traumatic experience is that time can feel nonlinear.
  • When I said that Boeing leadership unofficially told us not to look at the video, I want to clarify that it was water cooler conversation that conveyed that message. I did not hear a Boeing leader directly make that statement to me.
  • When I said that we had no support in Arizona, I meant that we did not have the community support that we have here on the Freecoast. We had some family support us however they could, but from the perspective of what felt to me like someone patting you on the head saying “There there. Don’t go having a mid-life crisis on us.” They simply did not, and probably still do not, understand what my wife and I were going through. We did, however, later become very close with some extended family who understood.