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Portsmouth PD has a quota, they don’t want to call it a quota, but when you create benchmarks that include how many traffic stops and tickets their officers write, and then evaluate their performance based on these benchmarks, it’s a quota. This incentivizes officers who understandably want to get promoted and compensated for doing a good job, to meet these benchmarks, which creates more traffic stops and more tickets. This is a problem and we’ll discuss it next on the Freecast.


  • Portsmouth PD have a quota system
    • Portsmouth city patrol officers claim they’re working under a new quota mandate for writing tickets and “other performance benchmarks” while Chief David Mara said there are no quotas and he’s opposed to them
    • Mara said his officers have been instructed that if they’re not busy answering calls, they should be enforcing traffic laws and giving tickets to drivers who break them.
    • The police union is demanding to bargain with the Police Commission because a “de facto quota system” has been used for their performance evaluations in March.
    • The city keeps track of its officers’ daily performance
      • Number of traffic stop completed
      • Summons issued
      • Property checks performed.
    • Since the “Hands Free Law” Came into effect, summons have quadrupled between ’15 and ’16. They are on course to double last year’s numbers (chart below)


  • Tiny homes
    • A Lee resident and Vietnam Veteran who was homeless after his first three years as a veteran is trying to pay it forward.
    • Peter MacDonald Has four “tiny houses” on his property and a House that is used as a chapel.
    • Local government thugs say this is a zoning violation as it is zoned as a residential property. They also say he doesn’t have appropriate electrical and plumbing.
    • MacDonald says he is running a religious organization and says he is doing nothing wrong.


  • Strafford County Government incompetence has FIVE inmates overdose
    • Tuesday June 6th five inmates at Strafford County Jail were treated for drug overdoses at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover.
    • Dover Fire Chief Hagan said when they called it was only three inmates but when they got there it was five.
    • Luckily responders got there in time and they were able to use Narcan and everyone appears to be okay.
    • Hagan said, “These were serious overdoses”
    • This comes after a story we covered here on the Freecast, episode 28 where a correctional officer was caught attempting to bring heroin into the facility
    • No matter how big or small the government is it’ll always be corrupt


  • Food Trucks hit Somersworth this Father’s Day
    • Men love food
    • On a day that celebrates men in particular, the first ever Seacoast Food Truck and Craft Beer festival will be coming to downtown Somersworth on June 18th from 12pm-5pm High St
    • 20 food trucks 16 Craft Breweries, this is the future of NH celebrations.
    • $5 entry fee if you order online or $10 on site. There’s a beer lover’s package and a VIP pass that allows early entry as well. Check out our facebook page or the show notes for links to get tickets for this event.
    • What a great idea this is for father’s day


  • HB 436 is signed by the governor (the bitcoin bill)
    • Exempting persons using virtual currency from registering as money transmitters
    • Last year a law was passed regulating all cryptocurrency exchanges to register as money transmitters
    • Crypto trading sites such as Poloniex pulled out of NH
    • Sununu signed into law on 06/02/2017 and it will therefore go into effect on August 1st, 2017

Local happenings

  • Swarm City Boardwalk Launch Praxeum June 15th 7:00 PM Leave your kids and pets at home.
  • July 9th Praxeum Market


Philosophy of Liberty

  • What is money?


Seacoast History

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