Freecoast Festival 2017

Praxeum Free Market – Living a Voluntary Life Today!

Kyle Mohney Freecoast Festival

How are you working toward bringing about a free society?  Here on the beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire, called the “Freecoast” by the local liberty community, there are many ways in which individuals are striving to create a free society.  A big focus for the Freecoast is entrepreneurship.  The monthly Praxeum Free Market, hosted at the Praxeum in Portsmouth, NH, is a wonderful example of this.  There you will find vendors of all ages selling clothing, soaps, lotions, crafts, beverages, snacks, local meats, local vegetables, photography services, organization services, massages, hair cuts, etcetera!  It truly is a wonderful display of the free market at work!

Freecoast Festival 2017

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This market is just one of the many ways that Freecoasters are working to bring about the free society that they wish to see.  Come join us at the Freecoast Festival – Living a Voluntary Life Today! from September 8 – 10th to see how else the local liberty community is working toward this goal.  Highlights include a speaker series at The Stone Church featuring Hanna Braime of “Becoming Who You Are“, an evening coastal cruise with keynote speech by Jake Desyllas of “The Voluntary Life“, and Entrepreneur Day!

This year’s event is being organized by the Human Action Foundation.  HAF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides educational, social, and charitable services to communities in which they operate.

Ticket sales are live and as an early bird bonus, if you purchase your ticket by the end of May you will receive a free t-shirt!

So, what are you waiting for? See you on the Freecoast!