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On this episode of the Freecast, the Portsmouth plastic bag ban gets a reprieve from the man, but it’s the man known as Jeb who wants to keep marijuana in perpetual prohibition. Is he that tone deaf to not know it’s the people’s volition to free ourselves from that submission? Is he just a shill for the po po and other special interest technicians? But on the bright side, Freecoast Festival 2017 tix are for sale son! Next on this transmission of the Freecast.


Update on the Plastic Bag Ban
The city of Portsmouth have once again postponed a vote on a plastic bag ban and will not be brought up before the council again before being examined by Portsmouth’s city manager.
Former 3-term State Rep Fred Rice spoke in opposition to the ban saying the city if they proposed the ban said that by passing this ordinance the city would probably have a lawsuit against this as this ban discriminates against some businesses but not all. He noted as Matt did that businesses use the plastic bags because of economic reasons and would raise costs if they were banned.
A related bill, HB 481 going through the state to delegate this power to ban plastic bags by municipalities was deemed inexpedient to legislate earlier this year.
Hopefully, this will finally put to bed this insane ordinance proposal.

Jim Boyle Toyota dealership update.
Jim is appealing the government taking away almost 5 acres of his property due to Eminent Domain

5 alarm fire destroys State Street Saloon building in Portsmouth
At 12:30 on Monday morning, Portsmouth Fire Department got a call in the Kitchen area of State Street Saloon. Within 2 hours the entire three-story building collapsed. Luckily everyone got out safely.
The four-story brick building where part of the dining room was in an adjacent building is still standing and the fire dept says it is structurally sound. But may be torn down if the property owners decide because it suffered damage from the fires.
The Red Cross has volunteers helping out the residents who were displaced by the fires.
A GoFundMe page has been started for those affected by the State Street Saloon fire in Portsmouth at gofundme.com/state-street-residents-employees. Donations are also being collected at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth. BRGR Bar of Portsmouth is offering free food to residents of the building through April with a utility bill or pay stub.

Shipyard brings in $756 million in economic activity in 2016.
Nearly $500 million is in civilian payroll an increase in $14 million over 2015
200 more employees were hired in 2016. The total amount of employees is 6,914.
New Hampshire’s 2,535 civilian workers were paid $177,703,837 in wages with Rochester and Dover accounting for the yard’s largest Granite State contingency at 413 and 365 employees respectively. Shipyard workers live in more than 58 Granite State communities.
Here is statism at its finest.
All these jobs are paid for with either stolen money or money printed out of thin air.
When libertarians want to close these places down because they’re immoral and unnecessary it draws criticism from both the political left and right.

Crazy state senator tries to hijack marijuana decriminalization bill
State Senator Jeb Bradley is calling for major changes in a Pot Decrim bill that passed the house 318-36 last month.
The bill decrims pot possession up to 1 ounce from a misdemeanor to a violation, subject to fine only of $100, and prohibits police from arresting someone for it.
Jebby wants to remove the non-arrest provision. And proposed reducing the decrim quantity to ½ ounce.
How tone deaf can you be?
Bradley says the amendments are a response to feedback from law enforcement, feedback, I might add they had plenty of time to give during the house bill hearings but refused to.
What we’re looking at is a small minority of people trying to hijack liberty for the entire state population.
Poll on UL.com asks: “Does it make sense to continue arresting people for small quantities of pot, like Sen Bradley suggests? 1780 respondents. 80% say no.

Local happenings

Freecoast Festival

HUGE NEWS!!! The Fourth Annual Freecoast Festival Tickets Available NOW!
The Freecoast Festival is an opportunity for our local liberty community to come together and for prospective movers to see what life is really like on New Hampshire’s Seacoast.
Festivities begin with a Friday evening social gathering at The Praxeum in Portsmouth, where food will be provided. This will be where registration occurs and will give you an opportunity to network and meet all of the attendees and speakers. Saturday morning features a speaker series, a live broadcast of the Freecoast’s own podcast “Freecoast Freecast”, and ends with one of our keynote speakers, Hannah Braime from “Becoming Who You Are” at the iconic music venue, The Stone Church in Newmarket.
The Saturday evening coastal cruise is the festival’s banner event. We’ll board the Thomas Laighton and make our way down New Hampshire’s spectacular seacoast, while enjoying an included catered meal, and keynote speech by Jake Desyllas from, “The Voluntary Life”.
Sunday we will bring back by popular demand our Entrepreneur Day!
Space is truly limited to reserve your place today. General admission tickets are required for entry to talks. Pre-paid add-on cruise tickets AND general admission tickets are required to take the cruise. Sorry, no refunds.
Children under four years old, when accompanied by an adult, may attend for free.
Tickets are $30 for general admission and a further $100 for the cruise. Bitcoin and Ethereum accepted.
And don’t delay, tickets purchased before June 1st get a complimentary T-shirt.

Philosophy of Liberty

Three Sirens of Tyranny.


Seacoast History

Phillips Exeter Academy
Did you know we have one of the most prestigious high schools in the world?
Alumni include: Daniel Webster, Franklin Pierce, Daniel Dennett, Gore Vidal, Dan Brown and Mark Zuckerberg
The academy was founded in 1781 by John Phillips, a Harvard graduate banker and merchant and originally from Andover Ma. His nephew founded Phillips academy in Andover 3 years earlier.
March 1783 56 students started the first class with free tuition.
1795 Phillips died and granted ? of his estate to the Academy.
In 1818 “the golden Branch” society was formed at the school to help students public speaking skills, now known as the Daniel Webster Debate Society
Abraham Lincoln’s son Todd went to the academy and the future president visited in March 1860 the year he was elected
In 1930 Oil magnate and philanthropist Edward Harkness wrote a letter to the academy just before making a $5.8 million donation
“What I have in mind is a classroom where students could sit around a table with a teacher who would talk with them and instruct them by a sort of tutorial or conference method, where each student would feel encouraged to speak up. This would be a real revolution in methods.”
This method is pretty cool, instead of an authoritarian approach where you just have to regurgitate what the teacher says on a test and forget about it. The teacher and the students are all equals and the teacher just provides the tools for the discussion and the students lead the way.
In 1970 the Academy trustees changed to have co-ed, allowing women in that fall.
PEA currently has a student to teacher ratio of 5:1.
2017-2018 1 year tuition costs $50,880 for boarding students and $39,740 for day students. There are $22 million dollars available in financial aid grants which are not loans and don’t need to be paid back for students from poorer families who qualify.
The complex takes up more than 600 acres of downtown Exeter.


Social media
Freecoast Fest will be here before you know it. We’re always looking for sponsors to help fund the event.
* Level 1 ($250) x50
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And lastly, any sponsor will get a shout out right here on the Freecast. To become a sponsor contact jessica@thepaxtonfamily.com or freecoastfreecast@gmail.com.

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