5. Your Power as a Consumer

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5. Your Power as a Consumer

April 30th 2016


Featuring: Host Matt Carano, Nick Boyle, Mike Vine and Rodger Paxton.

Producer: Rodger Paxton

Editor: Matt Carano

Topic List

  1. News
    1. Ri Ra fined by State Liquor commission (submitted by Jessica Paxton)
      1. http://www.seacoastonline.com/article/20160419/NEWS/160419174
      2. http://www.nh1.com/news/portsmouth-pub-fined-for-serving-alcohol-in-prohibited-areas/
    2. Senate kills bill easing marijuana penalties
      1. http://www.unionleader.com/Senate-kills-bill-lowering-marijuana-penalties#sthash.3owOT7Ws.dpuf
      2. Name and shame, the 14 Senators who said “Inexpedient to legislate”, i.e. killed the bill
        1. Regina Birdsell District 19
        2. David Boutin District 16
        3. Sharon Carson District 14
        4. Sam Cataldo District 06 Towns: Alton, Gilmanton, Barnstead, New Durham, Farmington, Rochester
        5. Lou D’Alessandro District 20
        6. Gary Daniels District 11
        7. Jeanie Forrester District 02
        8. Andrew Hosmer District 07
        9. Bette Lasky District 13
        10. Gerald Little District 08
        11. Chuck Morse District 22
        12. Russell Prescott District 23 Towns: Chester, Epping, Exeter, Fremont Brentwood, Sandown, Danville, Kingston and East Kingston
        13. Donna Soucy District 18
        14. Nancy Stiles District 24 Towns: Newton, South Hampton, Kensington, Hampton Falls, Seabrook, Hampton, North Hampton, Stratham, Greenland, Rye and New Castle.
    3. $17,570 table lights up Holloway Commons
      1. http://tnhdigital.com/5720/news/17570-table-lights-up-holloway-commons/
      2. http://granitegrok.com/blog/2016/04/university-of-new-hampshire-spends-17570-dollars-on-one-table
    4. Newmarket council to vote on transgender resolution
      1. http://www.fosters.com/article/20160429/NEWS/160429270
  2. Not Sponsor
    1. Portsmouth Harbor Cruises
      1. http://www.portsmouthharbor.com/
  3. Local happenings
    1. American Independence Museum opening celebration
      1. https://independencemuseum.org/
    2. Free Comic Book Day
      1. http://comicbooksnh.com/fcbd
  4. Absurd law
    1. NH RSA  143:6-a
      1. Sugar Packets and Containers. – No establishment which serves food or drink to the public with or without charge shall provide sugar except in individually wrapped packets or in covered containers from which sugar is poured through a hole not more than 3/8 of an inch in diameter.
      2. Anyone who breaks this law is guilty of a violation. RSA 143:7
    2. http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/X/143/143-6-a.htm
  5. Philosophy of Liberty
    1. Your power as a consumer
  6. Seacoast History
    1. Meshech Weare
      1. The “Father” of New Hampshire

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