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For those of you who didn’t get a chance to compete at the First Annual Freecoast Festival this year, here are the questions from the Sailor Jerry Liberty Pub Quiz.

Challenge yourself: How many can you get without looking up the answer?

Scoring: 2 points for each correct answer. Total # of points = percentage correct.


0-30 points – Young Padawan. Much left to learn, you have.
30-60 points – Red Pill Taker. Welcome to Zion. The food is terrible, but at least your mind is free.
60-90 points – Captain of Serenity. You’re a veteran in the struggles against statism. You’re glad Ron Paul drove a bunch of new people into the movement so you could fill out your crew.
90+ points – Ringbearer. You’ve been carrying the ring for a long time, waiting for your chance to throw it into the fires of Mount Doom. Chances are you live in a place called the Shire.
100 points – True Scotsman. Your heart contains the purest light of liberty. You must seek out lesser libertarians and totally pwn them on internet threads – for their own good.

Round I

1. The Libertarian Party was founded in the home of which prominent libertarian, who would go on to create the chart used in the World’s Smallest Political Quiz?
2. What was the name of the first liberty-oriented camping event held at Roger’s Campground in 2003?
3. What state was runner up in the vote to choose a destination for the Free State Project (FSP)?
4. Who was the first President of the FSP?
5. Which Austrian School philosopher argues that monarchy is more libertarian than democracy?
6. What is current FSP President Carla Gericke’s nickname?
7. What title did Carla Gericke bestow on J Buzz Webb, host of PorcFest’s Big Gay Dance Party?
8. What is the term for a state in which it is legal to carry a firearm concealed or openly without a permit?
9. What is the name for the movement to build a regional identity for NH, VT, ME, and the Canadian Maritimes?
10. Which two philosophers wrote the defining early books on anarcho-capitalism?
11. Which dot-com CEO said he had “found [his] tribe” during his first visit to PorcFest?
12. What is Ron Paul’s amazingly apropos middle name?
13. Which spaceship captain is the envy of libertarians everywhere?
14. Which President severed the final link between the US dollar and gold – inspiring Ron Paul to run for Congress?
15. Who invented the Liberty Dollar alternative currency, leading to a federal conviction for counterfeiting?
16. Which George Mason University economist gave the FSP its first celebrity endorsement?
17. In 2018, Reason Magazine will celebrate what major anniversary from its first printing?
18. At what event did the mainstream media realize that Ron Paul had a Freakin’ Giant at his back?
19. Which Chinese Communist Party leader is reputed to have said “To get rich is glorious”?
20. Which Canadian cannabis reform activist was shockingly extradited to the US to face charges for distribution of plants and seeds from his shop in Vancouver?

Round II

21. Which NH Governor, when asked about the Free State Project, said “Come on up; we’d love to have you!”?
22. Which NH activist famously open-carried his pistol at an Obama town hall event in Portsmouth in 2009?
23. Which Harvard professor wrote a book in 1974 in which he claimed any anarchic society would necessarily end up with a monopoly state?
24. What is the name of the fund that was instrumental in keeping classical liberalism alive in academia in the post-war period?
25. Which libertarian think tank just sold its historic mansion estate in upstate New York?
26. Which capitalist European culture founded the first colony in Manhattan?
27. Who named the Cato Institute before being ejected from its board?
28. Which NH state rep has the longest streak of A+ ratings from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance?
29. The Ludwig von Mises Institute is located in what Southern college town?
30. The liberty movement is an illuminati conspiracy bankrolled by which two wealthy brothers?
31. Which Austrian School economist raised $100K in pledges for a food bank if Paul Krugman agreed to debate him – only to have Krugman refuse?
32. In the first edition of Atlas Shrugged, how many pages long is John Galt’s speech?
33. What is the atomic number of gold?
34. Ron Paul was a Congressman from Texas – but he didn’t grow up there. In what Northern city was Ron Paul raised?
35. Which 19th century philosopher-activist wrote the pamphlet “No Treason” arguing that he wasn’t bound by the US constitution since he never signed it?
36. The author of “No Treason” put principle into practice when he started a competitor to the US postal monopoly. What was his company called?
37. Which Latin American nation is implementing the first Startup City?
38. In the spirit of yesterday’s referendum on Scottish independence… which Scottish Enlightenment economist said the market was guided by an “invisible hand”?
39. The term “life, liberty, and property” comes from the writings of which English philosopher?
40. The first Bitcoin purchase was for delivery of 2 Papa John’s pizzas. How much Bitcoin was spent for that meal?

Bonus Round

41. Which breed of dog is the mascot of Dogecoin?
42. Can you name all three generations of prominent free-marketeers in the Friedman family?
43. In what year did Ron Paul first run for President (hint: not 2008)?
44. Which ancient Greek philosopher is considered the first empiricist?
45. Who was the founder of the Austrian School of economics?
46. Which faithless elector cast the only electoral vote for the LP ticket in 1972 – resulting in the first electoral vote for a woman in US history?
47. Which urban design journalist resisted Robert Moses’ attempts to reshape New York City through eminent domain via street activism and her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities?
48. The character of Bernardo de la Paz in Robert Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress is based on what real-life author and self-described autarkist?
49. What is the term for a future point in technological progress beyond which current human minds are unable to comprehend?
50. Supporters of the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign developed which new internet fundraising technique?


Answer Key: [Round I] 1. David Nolan 2. Escape to New Hampshire 3. Wyoming 4. Jason Sorens 5. Hans Hermann Hoppe  6. Queen Quill 7. Duchess of Dykedom 8. Vermont carry/constitutional carry 9. Arcadia 10. Murray Rothbard & David Friedman 11. Patrick Byrne 12. Ernest 13. Malcolm Reynolds 14. Richard Nixon 15. Bernard von Nothaus 16. Walter Williams 17. 50 years 18. 2012 NH primary afterparty 19. Deng Xiaoping 20. Marc Emery [Round II] 21. Craig Benson 22. William Kostric 23. Robert Nozick 24. Volker Fund 25. Foundation for Economic Education 26. The Dutch 27. Murray Rothbard 28. Carol McGuire 29. Auburn, Alabama 30. Charles and David Koch 31. Bob Murphy 32. 70 pages 33. 79 34. Pittsburgh 35. Lysander Spooner 36. The American Letter Mail Company 37. Honduras 38. Adam Smith 39. John Locke 40. 10,000 BTC [Bonus Round] 41. Shiba Inu 42. Milton(/Rose), David, Patri 43. 1988 44. Aristotle 45. Carl Menger 46. Roger MacBride 47. Jane Jacobs 48. Robert LeFevre 49. The Singularity 50. The Money Bomb


Author: Mike Vine, Editor of The Freecoast and Lead Organizer of the First Annual Freecoast Festival