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This is an ongoing document where we compile the history of the liberty movement on the Seacoast. This serves to recognize the heroic efforts of various activists and learn from past experience. Anyone is welcome to submit additional info in the comments section or by emailing freecoastfellowship [at] gmail [dot] com.

Last Updated: 2014-11-08
Contributors: Tom Hudson, Mike Vine



2007 – Internet Gets Political

2008 – Ron Paul’s First Run

2013 – PorcFest X and Rebranding

2014 – Meeting Space and First Freecoast Festival



New Hampshire is known for it’s political climate and discourse that is seemingly never-ending, 2007 was no different. The presidential campaign in 2007 was on overdrive across the nation. This was the first primary where social media was a significant part of the process. Twitter, Facebook, Meetup, YouTube all had just started just after the last presidential election. In addition, blogs, podcasting, satellite radio, etc. were all in the marketplace and looking to get a piece of the pie. It was also the first national election that the grassroots fund raising term money-bomb was coined.


On the Seacoast of New Hampshire, there were approximately 15 Meetup groups that supported the Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. After the New Hampshire Republican primary took place on January 8, 2008, Ron Paul came in 5th place.

Needless to say, that many supporters of Ron Paul felt the windfall from their sails, however there was a silver lining. We now had access to hundreds of people that were like-minded and had a similar political belief and value system.

It was on a drive from the Seacoast to Concord that a small group of us were discussing all of these groups as we were about to take Bill Review Training provided by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. The primary discussion was now that we had access to all of these like-minded people, how do we take advantage of it.

The conclusion of the discussion led to the formation of New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty, which was founded on January 14, 2008.

Once the New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty group was formed, I sent messages out to all of the organizers of the Ron Paul Meetup groups and suggested that they join Seacoast Liberty; the intent to continue the education and fight for liberty across New Hampshire. In addition, the monthly Free State Seacoast meeting was folded into the Seacoast Liberty group.

This intent of the group was to be an advocate of a limited government, personal responsibility, and free markets. This would be accomplished by creating social events for us to come together as well as activism.

As the group started, we created a blog were we would highlight any LTE from Seacoast members, types of activism we led/participated in, etc. The development of training materials (bill review training) for the NHLA, created a logo for t-shirts, etc. Created a newsletter, press release, first went to PorcFest 2008 to encourage people to visit / move to the Seacoast.


In 2013, the NH SeaL was rebranded to be known as The Freecoast. Meetup now shows that we have 312 members.

June PorcFest X, the tenth anniversary, is organized by Freecoasters Mike & Vanessa Vine. One speaking venue is dubbed the Freecoast Cabana.


June The Freecoast has a site at PorcFest XI’s Agora Valley, where handmade crafts, Freecoast Fest tickets, baked goods, and other wares are sold. The site becomes a hangout for Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

September 1 The Praxeum, the Seacoast’s first liberty meeting space, opens in Portsmouth.

September 19-21 The first Freecoast Festival is held in Portsmouth and Newmarket. 75 attendees are treated to a private film screening, pub crawl, talks on radical entrepreneurship, live music, a harbor cruise, and more.