A New Perspective on Immigration

Mike Vine News & Views

Great comment from a fellow Freecoaster on US immigration policy:

“Luckily, I think the next domino to fall will be nationalism. Consider this: You know who wouldn’t be able to immigrate to the US today? Jesus. Didn’t speak English, didn’t know anything about America, and was only a carpenter (which I’m pretty sure he stopped doing for a bunch of years). Yet, he doesn’t deserve the citizenship I got instantly – without speaking any English, without having any grasp on American history or culture, and without any prospect of a job for over a decade – when I was born in NJ. Why doesn’t Jesus deserve it? Because he was born abroad. He’d be at the back of the line with a lot of other dark-skinned foreigners who would ‘fundamentally change America,’ take our jobs/threaten the carpenters’ union, maybe not vote for Rick Santorum, if we let them all in.”

It is troubling when otherwise pro-liberty activists don’t respect the right of peaceful people to travel, trade, and live where they please.

As Texas Governor Rick Perry calls up his National Guard regiments to confront poor, unarmed children crossing the border from Mexico, we must note that immigration to the US has actually fallen dramatically since the 2007-8 financial crisis. That crisis, and more importantly the government’s response to it, has significantly diminished opportunities for gainful employment, entrepreneurship, and prosperity for future generations – the ultimate dream of immigrants to this country for the past four centuries.

So why are “illegal immigrants” suddenly making front-page news? Check the calendar… It’s an election year.