Meetup Page Gets A Makeover!

Mike Vine Local Activism

The Freecoast is abuzz with activity, from festival planning to new entrepreneurial ventures to campfire gatherings. In light of this, I thought it was time to give our old Seacoast Liberty Meetup Page a new look.


• Took some new group photos at the latest Exeter meetup, and set the best one as the Official Group Photo. This allows newcomers to see the most important part of our Freecoast community – the people.

• Changed the color scheme to reflect the ocean-blue-and-gold motif used elsewhere to promote the Freecoast.

• Added a background image of Portsmouth at sunset from the excellent Daily Portsmouth.

• Cleaned up old photo albums so visitors can get a sense of the last 6+ years of Seacoast Liberty’s existence.

Here’s the finished product:

I’d like to thank Todd Puterbaugh and his family for organizing this meetup for all these years, and Tom Hudson for founding it. It was a big influence on my decision to move to the Seacoast, knowing that there was a friendly and active liberty community.

A lot of effort goes into keeping a community vibrant. None of us expect to be paid back, but rather for you to pay it forward by finding ways to get involved yourself.

Start by signing up for the Meetup if you haven’t already.

To liberty!

-Mike Vine