Collectivism Can Indeed Liberate Us From Productive Labor!

Dan Davis News & Views

We sat before the TV, only half watching the 6:00 pm news. The children finger painted on large sheets of white paper, while I glued a white triangle onto black construction paper.   Placed on the center of the sheet, the white shape created two equally sized black triangles. I had been inspired by something seen at Boston’s  MFA: A white sheet bisected by a single black triangle. A nearby plaque listed some critic’s praise at the ingenious use of “negative space.”  Hmm.?

Hearing the words “Job Lock”, my attention returned to the TV, on which some spokesman declared that rather than destroying jobs, Obamacare really offered a release to millions.  It allowed folks who traded skilled labor for health insurance benefits to abandon present jobs, and follow their dreams. Thus, the Democrat’s health plan made the “pursuit of happiness” a reality! I’ve been told by the friendly and so very politically-correct media, that the Republicans engage in a pernicious war on women. In contrast, here was proof that the Democrats wage a glorious crusade against the tedium of productive work.

Though it never occurred to me before, my job assisting in the manufacture of precision machined parts, was a form of slavery. Emancipated by subsidized health care, I could trade the complexity of .0002” tolerances for some type of simplicity, but what to do?

The tip of my nose itched, so I raised my right hand and found that the paper was stuck to my fingers.  I shook my hand, and then it occurred that I should create “ART.”

That my creativity might come at the expense of my neighbors is trifling; though they may complain about funding it, they are so much the better by this, and every other artistic endeavor.  That they may fail to realize this is an indication of how benighted they are, or that they simply reject new government programs out of racial animus against the president.

I looked down at the glue dampened sheet stuck to my fingers: “Wow” I mused, ‘What an ingenious use of positive space!” and then, “Good God, my work is nearly as profound as Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ’.”  Could there be a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in my future , or had those Tea-Bagging GOP bastards cut funding for such noble cultural advancement?

In any case, I quickly logged in to Health and with luck would be completely registered in time to give my notice the next morning.

Is it not wondrous that the principles of collectivism can liberate some of us from fruitful labor?