The Freecoast Festival


The Third Annual Freecoast Festival!
September 15-18, 2016

Portsmouth NH

Schedule Coming Soon!

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The Freecoast Festival is an opportunity for our local liberty community to come together and for prospective movers to see what life is really like on New Hampshire’s Seacoast. We’ll be celebrating liberty on the Freecoast again this year – getting together for a pub crawl, a cruise, and much more.

Freecoast Fest will be continuing this year from September 15th-18th.

So what are you waiting for? See you on the Freecoast!

About The Freecoast

The Freecoast is New Hampshire’s best-kept secret. Full of high-tech and creative jobs – as well as the space and resources for entrepreneurship. With the population density and services of a big city – among a network of spacious and neighborly town centers. Close to the beach, the bay, lakes, and mountains; on the I-95 and Amtrak corridors – but with the lowest taxes and most personal freedom anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard!

But the most beautiful aspect of life on the Seacoast is our Freecoast community – the natives and porcupines that form our local liberty movement. Freecoasters were responsible for getting global press for the Ron Paul campaign, launching several early Bitcoin ventures, employing fellow libertarians locally and beyond, winning election to the State House and town councils, organizing shoots with the Second Amendment Sisters, and much more. We’re designers, writers, musicians, hoteliers, restauranteurs, publicists, engineers, teachers – good neighbors, loving spouses, proud parents, and awesome kids.

For those staying overnight, we highly recommend The Hotel Portsmouth.


Space is truly limited, so reserve your place today. General admission tickets are required for entry to talks. Pre-paid cruise tickets are required to take the cruise which will have food and the keynote. Sorry, no refunds.


Outside food and alcohol are prohibited by the cruise operator. They are a private company and we will abide by their policies. Reasonably priced beverages and snacks are available on board.

Due to federal regulations, firearms and illegal drugs are prohibited on board. This is bullshit, but the risk is on the operator and it’s not our prerogative to jeopardize their business. Violations will cause the cruise to be cancelled with no refunds for anyone, so please choose a non-cruise ticket if you don’t feel you can in good conscience abide by this policy.

• If you would like to pay with bitcoin, select “Show Other Payment Options” under the “Order Now” button and complete the registration. We will send you an invoice with our wallet info for you to send payment directly. If we don’t receive payment within 24 hours, your registration will be cancelled.

Highlights from last year’s Festival!

The first Freecoast Festival was a huge success. See photos of the event here. But we’ve got even more plans for next year! For updates, subscribe to our channels:

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  1. William Cerf says:

    I’m thinking of staying at the Pebble Cove Motel in Rye. I don’t have a car. How much hassle would it be to get back and forth between that motel and the Freecoast Festival events?

  2. Brian says:

    @William, I’m not all that familiar with Rye, but it doesn’t appear that the Coast Bus services makes it down that way. You may need to use Uber or call a taxi or attempt to find someone else in the area who is attending. Keep in mind I know that this a moving event and will take place in at least 3 different cities/towns over the weekend.

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