Seacoast Local: Crafting a Uniquely New Hampshire Business – Dan Innis & Doug Palardy @ Freecoast Festival 01

Mike Vine Education

The Portsmouth hotel market was stale when Doug Palardy and his husband Dan Innis arrived on the scene in 2008. But they believed that visitors to a locale as unique as the Seacoast would want accommodations that fit their surroundings. With the launch of the Ale House Inn, Doug and Dan garnered rave reviews, numerous awards, and managed to outcompete a growing market of big chain hotels.

In this talk, Doug and Dan discuss the secrets of the Ale House’s success, what it’s like to do business in New Hampshire and the Seacoast in particular, and their latest venture at multiple times the scale – the Hotel Portsmouth.

Looking to start a business in New Hampshire? Want to keep up an independent spirit and take on the cookie-cutter megacorporations? There is essential info here for any aspiring entrepreneur.